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about us

Have you seen the smile on a child's face when the Pizza delivery guy is at the door? We at UMU have... it is as though the ubiquitous cardboard carton contains not food, but a piece of a child's version of heaven. This led us to thinking,

'What if we can deliver happiness in a pizza box too?'

And voila! after two years of research, designing and prototyping, we're happy to welcome you to the world of UMU Fun Furniture™.

UMU Fun Furniture™ is the brainchild of Priya Narayanan, an alumnus of FD, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She is also a published poet and children’s author. UMU is the result of a gnawing yearn to marry her twin passions of designing and writing for children and come up with furniture that isn’t just a mute object in a child’s environment but something that can be constantly engaged with. Afterall, PLAY & STORIES are two of the most effective tools to effortlessly facilitate intellectual and emotional growth in a child. To know more about Priya’s published books, visit


UMU means CHILDREN in Yoruba, the language of the Yoruba people of West Africa

UMU means Mind in Bosnian language

And if you listen carefully, UMU is the sound of the kiss you plant on your child’s cheek :)

UMU Fun Furniture™ is registered under the flagship company Tatva Furniture Studio that also designs and manufactures modular furniture under the brand name Soma Systems Furniture. To know more, visit

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Story Chair

You want to buy a nice little chair for your cute little munchkin. You drive around town and step into every furniture store, you go online and browse every furniture website. You look at your munchkin and let out a sigh.

‘Am I ever going to find something that’s not just another stereotypical chair?’ you wonder.

And then you discover UMU and its collection of Story Chairs (patent-pending) that offers you more than just a chair. Your face lights up with a smile and you do a little jig, because when you order a Story Chair, what you get is a puzzle, a story, a chair (of course!), and a chance to bond with your munchkin -all stuffed with a warm fuzziness into a box of happiness.

The thought behind creating this line of furniture was to offer an avenue for parents/caregivers to have fun and bond with their children as they explore, decipher and finally put together these simple pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that they can use every day. What's more, each piece of UMU furniture comes with a story of its own! Inside this box, you will find a story to read out loud for your child. Snuggle up on the bed when reading out -there's nothing your child will enjoy more.


Note: Please mention in your message if you would like to personalize the story for the chosen backrest design. If yes, do share the name of your munchkin the way you would like it to appear in the story. Upon receiving your message, Team UMU will get back to you with payment details. The order will be processed as soon as you make the payment and your munchkin should be enjoying the story and add-on backrest within 15 days. The same timeline is applicable for the rocking/regular legs also.

  • Set of Regular Legs

  • Set of Rocking Legs

  • Painted Backrest (any design) + story

  • Painted Backrest (any design) + personalized story

  • Birch Backrest (any design) + story

  • Birch Backrest (any design) + personalized story

  • Shipping extra

Contact Us

At UMU Fun Furniture™, we are committed to highest levels of customer experience. In this direction, we are constantly working to improve our products and increase the variety of products we can offer you. Your suggestions/feedback are invaluable and we’ll appreciate your getting in touch with us for the same. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any product or company-related queries. Here is where you’ll find us:


UMU Fun Furniture™

#3 & 4, First Floor, Savan Mall,
Nr. Kargil Petrol Pump, S G Road,
Sola, Ahmedabad -380060

Mail Us

For distribution related queries, please write to us at


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Chair Type
Choose your colour/finish.

Please note that the colour is applicable only for the backrest, not the rest of the chair.

Note: Upon receiving your message, Team UMU will get back to you with payment details. The order will be processed as soon as you make the payment and your munchkin should be enjoying the Story Chair within 15 days. So, in case you are looking to gift the Story Chair for a special occasion, do keep the timeline in mind.

For bulk orders, please write to


Terms and Conditions

Thank you for purchasing a product from UMU Fun Furniture™. We hope you and your child have loads of fun with it. Please go through the following carefully to understand the terms and conditions of sale as well as care instructions so that your piece of happiness continues being so for a long long time.

Terms and Conditions

Every piece of UMU Fun Furniture™ has been crafted with care and we take pride in claiming that you will not find anything amiss in your package. Our reputation rests on the quality of our products and we would do nothing to jeopardize that. That said, please note that an order once placed cannot be cancelled.

We do not accept returns or offer refunds. However, we will gladly replace individual pieces or the entire set under the following circumstances:

  1. If, per chance, there has been any damage to the piece/pieces during transportation, please contact us with photographs of the damage within two days of receiving the package. We will ensure that the piece/pieces are replaced within 15 days of receiving a communication from you.
  2. If the package contains a design that is different from the one you ordered, please contact us with photographs within two days of receiving the package. We will ensure that the entire set is replaced within 15 days of receiving a communication from you.
  3. The story that comes as part of the package has been written specially for the accompanying piece of furniture. If, by chance, a story written for a design not ordered by you has found its way into your package, please contact us with photographs within two days of receiving the package. We will ensure that the correct story is sent to you within 15 days of receiving a communication from you. What’s more, we will not ask you to send the other story back!
  4. All disputes will be subject to Ahmedabad jurisdiction.


Accessories shown in the image are only for representation and are not part of the product.

Depending on your screen settings and the resolution on your device there may be a variation in the colour of wood polish/paint of the image and actual product.

We use high-grade birch ply for our products. Since it is a natural material, wood grains will vary from product to product.

Furniture having hand-painted details may have slight distinctions and variance between the picture and actual product and from one piece to another.

Wood polish/paint tends to fade over a period of time due to natural wear and tear. We advise you to be gentle and careful when assembling/ dismantling the furniture in order to prevent scratches from developing on the polished/painted surfaces. We will unfortunately not be able to replace your product due to scratches developed during use.

The chairs and tables have been designed and tested to withstand a maximum weight (sitting) of 50 kilos while the storage racks can withstand a maximum (dead) weight of 30 kilos. We will not be able to replace the product if it is found to have been used beyond the weight limit and/or intended purpose.

Adult supervision is strongly advised when using the chairs, especially the rocking chairs. We will not be responsible for injuries sustained by your child or damage to the chair arising from the child jumping on it or using it for any purpose other than sitting.

The story accompanying each set has been written specially for that set. We at UMU Fun Furniture™ have written, revised and edited each story to ensure that it will bring nothing but a big smile on your child’s face. Please note though that a writer can only write what he/she writes with the best of intensions – his/her writing cannot please every reader. So if, for some reason, your child did not enjoy the story, do accept our apology. We will however not be able to accept product returns on the basis of the story not being liked.


At UMU Fun Furniture™, we take utmost care to ensure that our products do not have any sharp edges that could hurt your child and that the products are finished using non-toxic wood paint/polish of the highest quality. We also hand-pack each set with a lot of love. However, once the product is with you, we hope you too will take care of it so that it lasts long and remains a cherished part of your child’s growing up years. Here are a few things you can do to ensure the same:

About Birch Ply:

Plywood is an engineered wood that is made from thin sheets of veneer peeled from debarked wood. These thin layers or ‘plies’ are glued together such that every subsequent layer is at right angles to the previous one, thus creating a cross-grain pattern that adds strength and stability while resisting shrinkage and expansion due to moisture. However, commercially available plywood does not have a great visual appeal -the shades are usually rather dark and there is a lot of shade variation, which means less uniformity and aesthetic consistency. This is why most plywood is usually ‘hidden’ between sheets of laminate or expensive veneer when used in furniture. This is where Birch Ply is different.

Birch Ply is a premium variety of plywood that combines the excellent strength and durability of regular plywood with a light-coloured surface bearing beautiful wood-grains. This means one doesn’t need to laminate Birch Ply; if maintained well like one usually maintains furniture covered with an expensive veneer, the ply retains its beauty over long periods of time. Polishing makes the wood-grains stand out, making the ply all the more attractive. That said, like all natural wood and veneers, Birch Ply does have an occasional dark brown or black ‘knot’ or grain. At UMU Fun Furniture™ we take care to make sure only the minimal knots or dark grains appear in any piece of furniture. However, these are what nature has created, so we hope our customers will see the beauty in them and accept them as such.

Terms of Use of Website

Thank you for visiting We have prepared the information below to ensure that your experience on our website is one you’ll want to repeat again. UMU Fun Furniture™ provides this site as a service to its customers. Please review the following basic rules for the use of our site. Please note that your use of our site constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. Since may revise this agreement at any time, you should visit this page regularly to review the terms of your use. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Legal Information

This website is definitely owned and operated by UMU Fun Furniture™. The mailing address for UMU Fun Furniture™ is #3, First Floor, Savan Mall, Nr. Kargil Petrol Pump, S G Road, Sola, Ahmedabad -380060. Unless informed otherwise, all designs and content featured on – including images, artwork, graphics, photography, text are copyrights and trademarks are intellectual property that are owned and controlled by UMU Fun Furniture™. This website is entirety protected by copyright. The contents of our website and the website as a whole are intended solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Any use of our website and its content other than personal and non-commercial use is prohibited. Do not reproduce, publish, display, modify, sell, or distribute any of the materials from UMU Fun Furniture™.


We attempt to present the most recent, most accurate, and most reliable information on our website at all times. However, there may be cases when some of the information-featured on may contain incomplete data, typographical errors, or inaccuracies. Any errors are wholly unintentional and we apologize if flawed information is reflected in merchandise price, item availability, or in any way affects your individual order. Please be aware that we present our content ‘as is’ and make no claims to its accuracy, either expressed or implied.


At, we go out of our way to manufacture unique merchandise. Please understand that many of our featured items are offered in limited quantities and, because of their limited availability, stock will not and cannot be refreshed. That means once an item is gone, it may be gone or will take time to come back on the website again. When an item featured on is no longer in stock, we make every attempt to remove that item from the website in a timely manner. If you have any questions concerning the availability of a particular item, please contact us.


We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colours of our products that appear on the website. However, due to monitor differences, we cannot guarantee that your display of colour will be accurate.


Although we will make every effort to respond quickly to valid emails and messages at, we are under no obligation to respond to all emails received through this site, or to maintain your submitted comments in confidence, or to pay compensation of any kind for your comments or submissions.